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Welcome to Tumwater's Home for California NO VOC Paints, Devoe Paint & Coatings, Evolution (the original Devine), PPG Paints, Glidden Pro Paint & Metro Recycled Paint

Welcome to BJs' Paint N Place's Paint and Coatings Page. At BJ's we carry California Paints, Evolution, PPG Paints, Devoe, Metro Paint and Glidden Pro. We also carry Devoe High Performance Coatings for your industrial needs in the Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey, Shelton and Centralia areas of Washington State.

BJs' staff is ready to assist you in choosing which quality coating will best suit your interior or exterior painting needs and also help you in choosing the right tools and supplies to ensure you are satisfied with the results of your painting or decorating project.
California Paints
California Paints - Paint in Tumwater, WA
Based in Andover, MA, California Paints is committed to providing the highest quality interior paint, exterior paint and architectural coatings, including the #1 rated exterior paint evaluated by a national independent study. As a leading paint producer, California Paints also offers cutting edge color tools and systems. Our color palettes can help you choose the right paint colors for any interior or exterior paint project. Whether you are searching for timeless classics or undiscovered trends, paint colors to suit any taste can be viewed in our online color center.
Elements Paint - Paint in Tumwater, WA
Evolution (the Original Devine Color)
Evolution Paint - Paint in Tumwater, WA
The former paint manufacturer of Devine Color may no longer be using the NAME, but they are still making the PAINT you love.

The name is the ONLY thing different. EVOLUTION represents over 100 years of perfecting the art of quality and color. Handcrafted right here in the Pacific Northwest, this paint line is designed to reflect the unique beauty of our landscapes and to protect the unique elements of your home. Feel the craftsmanship in the rich, thick textures, as you spread the art of paint on the canvas of your walls. You will appreciate the superior qualities of these art-inspired textures and designer-selected colors in this exclusive collection.
Devine Paint - Paint in Tumwater, WA
Devoe Paint
Devoe - Paint in Tumwater, WA
The first paint brand in America, Devoe Paint has origins back to 1754. Sold exclusively through independent dealers, our products are known for quality that meets or exceeds our competitors' performance, at a better value. Devoe Paint is a comprehensive program of specially-formulated coatings for every application—residential, architectural, commercial and industrial. This means you'll find Devoe products on the job in nearly every market segment, from hotels and stadiums, to office buildings and homes. In addition, all of our Devoe Paint latex products have a VOC level of less than 50 grams per liter, making all Devoe Paint latex products compliant to the strictest regulations currently in place.
Quality and innovation. That's what defines Devoe Paint products. We are proud to present our specially-formulated coatings available for many applications—residential, architectural, commercial and industrial. And though we do love every color of the rainbow, we definitely recognize the importance of going green. We're dedicated to bringing you some of the most environmentally responsible formulations on the market—virtually all our latex products are no or low-VOC. At Devoe Paint, we hold our paint to a higher standard, so that you can too.

Devoe Paint is also home to an experienced team of color experts, who provide inspiration, information and innovation with a color card and design program. Along with our top scientists, chemists, technicians and field staff, our color team researches market trends, analyzes movements within the design industry and forecasts color directions to stay up-to-date on the top trends in the paint world.

Weather King - Paint in Tumwater, WA
Weather King II Exterior Paint

In our humble opinion "The best exterior paint you can buy". We started selling WEATHER KING II over 25 years ago and our customers who used it back then are just now coming back to repaint their homes. They tell us that the paint still looks like it did the day they painted it, but they simply want to change the color now. WEATHER KING II comes in a lo-shen and a semi-gloss and is 100% acrylic latex paint that can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees.
Devoe Coatings
Devoe Coating - Paint in Tumwater, WA
The Devoe® High Performance Coatings brand is backed by years of experience. It's a brand well known for its pioneering spirit and commitment to quality. Always the innovator, the Devoe High Performance Coatings brand has proven its leadership in the coatings industry by consistently producing ideas and products that enhance performance, reduce cost, minimize application problems, and promote environmental safety.
Devoe Coatings are designed to not only offer superior performance, but also reduce the investment required to apply and maintain these products. Bjs' Paints and Devoe High Performance Coatings will assist you in determining which product is the right choice for your application and will also ensure you maintain cost efficiencies on the job site.

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Metro Green Seal Recycled Paint
Metro Paint - Paint in Tumwater, WA
MetroPaint: Award Winning Recycled Latex Paint!

What's better for the environment, easy on the wallet and available in 18 beautiful, blendable colors? Metro's award-winning recycled latex paint, of course! For nearly two decades, MetroPaint has helped the region reduce waste, conserve natural resources and look good while going green.
Each year, Metro collects more than 5 million pounds of household hazardous waste, with about 40 percent of it latex paint.

Paint recycling makes a difference for people and the environment. When using recycled paint, you decrease your carbon footprint, reduce the need for landfill space, conserve water used to make new paint and prevent pollution from the mining and extraction of raw materials.


MetroPaint comes in colors ranging from white and cream to barn red and summer-sky blue, with periodic seasonal and specialty colors, too. All colors dry to a durable, low-sheen finish.

Though Metro cannot offer special-ordered tints or guarantee an exact color match from one batch to the next, the production of colors in 300- to 1,000-gallon batches at a time helps ensure you can buy paint within the same batch. Further fine-tuning helps ensure each batch meets MetroPaint color standards, without using tint or colorant.
Variances among different batches of the same color are so slight that you can paint to the corner of a room with one batch, then paint the other wall from that corner with a different batch and notice no difference between the walls.

Quality and versatility

Technicians use stringent methods to ensure only good-quality latex paint is reblended into recycled latex paint. It's thick and rich, costs a fraction of the price of other paints and often covers in just one coat.
Original MetroPaint includes a one-year warranty and provides the same good quality that homeowners, designers and contractors have come to expect for more than a decade. Certified MetroPaint, approved by Green Seal™ and the Master Painters Institute, includes a five-year limited warranty and mold inhibitor. Both sustainable products are good toward LEED and Earth Advantage certification.
Apply MetroPaint inside or outside. The combination of acrylics and enamels with various glosses makes MetroPaint suitable and durable for interiors and exteriors. Use it on wood, masonry, metal, vinyl siding, homes, apartments, barns, factories and just about anything else. One gallon may cover 300 to 400 square feet, depending on application method and painting surface. Plus, enjoy smooth application by brush, roll or spray.